Responsibilities of MPOB Port Stations

MPOB has six regional and five branch offices throughout the country to conduct periodic spot inspection on licensed premises.  In addition, MPOB also has five port stations equipped with laboratory at major Malaysian ports to ensure that oil palm products exported stringently meet the buyers' specifications. The activities undertaken by MPOB's port stations are :

  • to regularly conduct sampling of palm oil products at the port installations before they are exported.
  • to take and test pre-shipment samples in MPOB laboratory located at the port stations.
  • to ensure that only quality palm oil products that meet contractual specifications are allowed to be exported.
  • to advise exporters whose products failed to meet their contractual specifications to undertake immediate remedial actions to ensure that their product meets their contractual specifications before export. 
  • to take random samples during loading (into vessels) for the purpose of enforcement of quality control declaration under Malaysian Palm Oil Board (Quality) Regulations 2005. to send samples taken during inspection and enforcement activities.
  • to Chemistry Department (analyst appointed by law) for analysis to determine whether the quality conforms to the contractual specifications as declared in the Custom Declaration Form prescribed by MPOB.
  • to process the analysis reports from Chemistry Department and MPOB laboratories to determine the monthly average quality and also to detect any quality problems faced by the industry. 
  • generally to ensure that the quality assurance practices in handling, transferring, storing, transporting, surveying and shipping are abided to by the respective parties.